From Patreon: Checking in…so far, so good.

(Who knows what this image was? A ghost in my phone from the Iceland trip last year.)

My upper lips is mostly scab-free, just pink and a little scarred, so, yay. My lower lip/chin, still pretty scabby; and the bruises are starting to change colors. My knee and legs still have a bunch of stuff going on, but generally they work all right. Outside of the knee and a couple of other places, there’s not that much pain any more, so win for that, too. My general feeling is that I was really lucky and that I’ll get out of this as well as anyone could. I am feeling run-down and blue, which is common enough after physical trauma. Wish me well for today, which is my 14-hour day, and is one week since the accident….

“Noah’s Raven”! (Now or very soon.)

The new Lightspeed is out! The details are here and you can buy the issue right now. If you can wait, my story will be on the website 2/6. I’m excited; it’s a new market for me, and a story I really love.

Many announcements, much wow.

Last week was lost to a combination of too much news and a sort of failure to thrive that’s been going on for weeks and weeks, and that means there is a lot to mention here!

Part of the news is…this photo. This is not Jurat, my primary cow-cat, who has been around for a couple of years. This is an emergency backup cow-cat, who does not yet have a name. The photo does not indicate just how tiny she is — she weighs about seven pounds and is plump, with a baseball belly. Since Jurat is also very small, the two cats together add up to 1.6 Standard Cat Units, the CSU being about ten pounds, per my vet-tech friend Scott. She was feral, but is friendly and amiable, provided you don’t try to pick her up or, more generally, try to make her do anything at all. She and Jurat have sorted the house into two zones, but I know that at some point in the next ten years they will get over their suspicion of one another.

Yeah, I also won the World Fantasy Award, for “The Privilege of the Happy Ending,” which was in Clarkesworld. This was an enormous surprise, and since I wasn’t able to be in Los Angeles for the award, it still doesn’t feel quite real to me. I know I will have a special jet of excitement when I hold that little golden tree in my hands.

There has been a lot of publication activity, as well. The collaborative story, “Roll the Dice,” with Holly Elander, came out on Halloween at the really very interesting lit mag 7×7. Holly’s work is wonderful. I have done a couple of projects where I worked collaboratively with a work of art, and I love the challenge. This last week, then, I have a story at Conjunctions Online: “The Apartment Dweller’s Alphabetical Dreambook” (my longest title, I think). And I sold a story to Lightspeed! “Noah’s Raven” found a home, though I don’t know when.